A day in the life - Rhona

A day in the life of Rhona…Northern Service’s cleaner

Not all projects have a designated cleaner but Northern Services does; Rhona has been with Medaille for over 12 months now and she’s an asset to our team. Forget about the job title, Rhona is more than just our cleaner…she’s become an integral part of the house and it wouldn’t be the same without her!! She always bright and cheery, making time for everyone; the residents enjoy having a chat with her and you can almost always be guaranteed to hear her chuckles resonating throughout the house. And if she’s stopped her cleaning to talk to the residents, you can be pretty confident in assuming that it will be the client who is hoovering, sweeping or mopping!! It’s an endearing trait they have…when it comes to Rhona, they themselves would rather do the cleaning than see her doing it!

I’ve been with Medaille for over 12 months now and my role as cleaner has to be up there with the best jobs I’ve had (and believe me, I’ve had a few!!). I do four days a week and concentrate mainly on the bathrooms and kitchen.

A typical day…

I approach the house just before 10am and see two of the residents stood outside having a cigarette; they wave to me as I get nearer and one of them enters the door code and holds the door open until I’ve gone through it (who says chivalry is dead!). I enter the office, sign in and say my good mornings to the staff.

The service manager asks me if I wouldn’t mind giving the school room (aka meeting room) a clean as there’s a regional meeting scheduled for tomorrow; of course I will, but first it’s the bathrooms. So armed with Henry the hoover and my cleaning bucket, I head off to the top floor (I like to work my way down for some reason!).

I didn’t get very far when a resident asked me where I was going and carried the tools of my trade up to the top floor. Along the way he spoke about his dogs that he’d had as a child and how he’d like to have his own dogs one day when he’s settled in the UK. We didn’t chat for very long because he had an appointment but during those few minutes when we did, I learnt an awful lot about him, his character and the spirit of a human being.

Cleaning done! I go to the office, sign out and bid my farewells until tomorrow.

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