Day in the Life of Volunteer Support Worker

A day in the life of a volunteer worker…


After being inducted into the role you will begin to find your feet and feel very much part of our team. Our volunteers work closely alongside case workers and support staff to maximise our client’s stay with us. As a charity, Medaille Trust is hugely grateful for all the time and commitment our volunteers have given us and are still giving.

Our volunteers frequently assist staff with both client and Medaille paperwork; they may be asked to arrange appointments for clients or support clients to medical appointments (including maternity and paediatric), ESOL classes, legal appointments, drug and alcohol services or various activities including yoga, cooking, visits to the park and museums or trips to sporting events (support services and activities will differ according to area, clientele and project).

The safety and well-being of our volunteers, as with all our staff and clients is paramount, and volunteers will only undertake tasks they are comfortable doing and will always be supported by a member of staff.


The present is a gift…consciously unwrap and enjoy every minute


A typical day…

‘Rachel’, a volunteer from Northern Services.

“I’ve chosen to do Tuesday and Friday this week; 10am-2pm works for the project, it fits in with my schedule and it’s a good time of day to get to know the clients as they’re usually milling around. I get to the office around 9.50am and sign in. There’s tea, coffee and juice available if I want anything but I have a bottle of water with me.

10-11am              I’ve been asked if I wouldn’t mind doing subs; this is where the clients collect and sign for their money and I record it in the finance file (a nice time of the day where you can have a quick chat with the client).

11-2pm                Arranged trip to Manchester Museum; meet support worker and clients outside the office and walk into the town centre. Regular stop off at ‘T’s Café’ where we all have a drink and a chat. Clients are encouraged to order their own to practise their English skills. After about half hour or so we carry on to the museum. We spend around an hour at the exhibition and then make our way back to the safe house using public transport. Some clients do not need as much support as others and should they wish to, stay in the town centre and travel back independently.

Once back at the office, we inform staff how the trip went and then it’s time for me to fill in my expenses, sign out and go home.”


 Find out more about our volunteer roles on our volunteer leaflet:


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