London West Sports Day


Physical activity, vitamin d and community are all vital portals towards positive mental-health and wellbeing.


So, a lovely hot day during Covid19 in West London, we decided it would be nice for the ladies in the house if we organised a ‘Sports Day’ to encourage everyone to participate even if only to come and cheer and enjoy.



     We included traditional games such as the Egg and Spoon Race, we had a table with various kindly donated snakes        and plenty of juice, and the lanes were made out. Ready. Set. Go..

      We had ten of the ladies participate and a further five plus spectate with more coming and going.

       We divided the ladies into three teams and the games began.






Instantly there were roars of laughter, cheering and of course, healthy competitiveness. It was beautifully positive to see even some of the ladies participate who would not usually in sport, but we were mindful to keep the races safe. There was some very funny cheating, ten-star jumps turned into two, a full race turned into a third, yet everyone kept cheering and laughing; similarly, there were some truly epic adaptations of some races.

Later, some additional games were added that the ladies themselves devised, working together to explain the rules. The final race which was won by a mile shot by our 3 and half year-old house superstar. 


What was especially nice was seeing the ladies get to know some of the other ladies that they may not usually have regular contact with.


Once the games had finished and throughout the evening, there was multiple “thank you so much for today” and “really that was so much fun”.


We are ready for our next one with the addition of sack races and bean bag head balancing.

We are so lucky to have a house full of such warm and supportive ladies. 


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