Record Number of Potential Victims referred to NRM in Hampshire

Recent figures from the Home Office show that 244 potential victims of Modern Slavery were referred to Hampshire Constabulary in 2023 - up from 218 the previous year, and the highest number since records began.

This follows a general trend across the UK, where 17,004 potential victims of modern slavery were referred to the Home Office in 2023, up from 16,921 in 2022.

The Modern Slavery and Human Rights Policy and Evidence Centre said the statistics show the "harsh reality" of modern slavery with thousands of people trapped and exploited in harsh conditions.

Medaille Trust works closely to support modern slavery victims in Hampshire, with our Southern Services based in the county and our Moving On Projects offering continued support for surviviors. We are saddened but not surprised to hear about this unfortunate statistical increase, which reflects our anecdotal experience as an organisation offering front-line support to victims.

Avarage waiting times have also increased: the period from being referred to getting a first decision (known as a reasonable grounds decision or RG), increased from 6 days to 23 days in 2023.

Maya Esslemont, director of After Exploitation, said: "We remain deeply concerned that action is still not being taken to tackle the root causes of modern slavery, whilst the number of survivors is growing."

She added it is "vital that the Government addresses the gulf between survivors recognised by first responders and those who eventually go on to get support that addresses their needs."