Podcast 2: Featuring Stephen Hay and Helen Gordos

Episode 2 is here! Our mini-series telling the story of modern slavery from different perspectives picks up with Jetmir, the perpetrator, who has tricked Majlinda into travelling abroad with him.

The monologue from Jetmir is written and produced by Alison Porter of the University of Warwick.

It features a discussion with Stephen Hay, Director of Police and Justice Partnerships at Medaille Trust and Helen Gordos, from the National Crime Agency about the realities of modern slavery today.

Stay tuned for episode 3 next week...

Listen to the podcast


Podcast produced by Liz Andrews.

Monologue Writer & Director – Alison Porter.


Majlinda – Elizabeth Schenk

Jetmir – Dritan Kastrati

Ela – Donna Sherifi

Jo – Lainey Shaw

Bibili song – Rona Castrioti

Casting Director and voice of the interpreting machine – Elizabeth Jee of Just Voices

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