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A Taste of Home

 Taste of Home contains an array of tantalising recipes, from our clients along with their stories and an insight into why these recipes are so important to them.

Supported by Journalist and Broadcaster Louise Hulland and Celebrity Chef Ainsley Harriot, this is a truly fascinating read as well as a fantastic cook book with recipes you won’t find anywhere else.

All profits go directly to support victims of Modern Slavery living in Medaille Trust Safe Houses.

For so many of us, the kitchen is the heart of our family. It’s where we sit down together, and share food, stories and love.

Recipes are passed down through generations, and new dishes become firm favourites. 

There’s an old saying which says “the family who eats together stays together” – and wouldn’t it be wonderful if that was always the case?

Sadly, for 40.1 million people around the world, and a suspected 136,000 in the UK, it just isn’t. These are the estimated numbers of people in modern day slavery.

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