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National Action – Anti-Slavery Day 2019

This anti-slavery day we’ve teamed up with HSBC UK and the Hampshire Modern Slavery Partnership to raise awareness about the evils of modern slavery and what we can all do to stop it.

Medaille Trust partnered with HSBC to get the story of slavery across all of their contact centres, into Head Office and the Liverpool local branch.

At their Birmingham Head Office we will be showing the moving photo exhibition, ‘Belongings’, which brings the reality of modern slavery closer to home. Photographer Fiona Yaron Field created the impactful exhibition to tell the story of Medaille Trust’s female clients through precious personal objects.

All of HSBC’s contact centres will receive an informative leaflet about modern slavery and human trafficking in the UK, what signs to watch out for on the phone and further information about Medaille Trust’s work and HSBC’s spear-heading ‘Survivor Bank’ programme. Through ‘Survivor Bank’, HSBC have created a bespoke process for slavery survivors to open their own personal bank accounts free from the usual red tape barriers they face. This is vital to our clients’ empowerment and ability to build a future free from slavery.

You can also test your knowledge on our Modern Slavery Quiz – try and resist looking at the answers until the end!!

With the Hampshire Modern Slavery Partnership we will be out on the streets of Portsmouth, making members of the public aware of modern slavery. Along with a whole host of partners, we’ll be showing how it’s everyone’s responsibility to know the signs and spot slavery.

A new theatre production will be launched in Portsmouth Guildhall Square! Actors will portray real life cases of slavery to raise awareness of some of the key signs that someone may be being exploited and how to report any concerns. There will be performances throughout the day between 10am and 3.15pm.

If you have any concerns about potential victims, do not confront them as this could make them more vulnerable. Instead, contact: 

  • 999 in an emergency
  • 101 to report your concern to the Police
  • Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 in confidence
Signs of abuse
Harsh conditions
dirty accommodation
rarely allowed out
rarely allowed out
reluctant to talk
no control of ID

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