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Medaille Trust accredited “outstanding company to work for in 2023”

Medaille Trust is happy to announce that we have been accredited by Best Companies as one of the UK's outstanding organisations to work for in 2023. Following a staff survey it conducted last month, the employee engagement specialist gave Medaille Trust a two-star rating, its second highest rating which puts it in the “outstanding” category. Last year Medaille was rated as a one-star organisation which meant it was a very good organisation to work for.  

The outstanding rating follows very positive feedback from our employees in the survey last month. The survey revealed that 85% of our staff feel engaged or satisfied. The survey reported on how staff felt about eight factors: Leadership, My Company, Wellbeing, Fair Deal, My Manager, My Team, Personal Growth and Giving Something Back. The survey revealed that in some of these areas, Medaille Trust was doing even better than the minimum level required for the highest, three-star, “world class” companies.  

Our staff gave Medaille an 87% rating to say the organisation is run on strong values and principles. In addition 84% of staff said they love working for Medaille Trust, 81% of them were excited about where the organisation is going and 81% of them felt their manager helps them to fulfil their potential.  

Here are some quotes from staff about why Medaille is a good workplace: 

“What's great about this workplace is that the company actually cares about its staff. This make a huge difference in how well staff work. Coming from an organisation in which I worked at for 8 years where managers treated staff awful to a new workplace where everyone is treated fairly has made a huge impact on my life.” 

“I enjoy the work that we do and being able to help our service users in the best way possible. Often I feel as though our job role covers a wide variety of things and it is amazing to be able to make a difference to our service users lives.” 

“Just by the nature of what we do, makes this a great place to be. The teams on the front line are listened too. The leadership team and the leader of the Medaille take a personal interest in both the teams and the clients we work with.”  

“Our team work tirelessly both during and outside of their normal working hours to ensure that those we support are able to feel safe, are listened to, outcomes are actioned quickly and support is provided with compassion and empathy.” 

“Everyone is friendly and will always take time out of their schedule to teach you new things and show you how it's done.” 

 “My team are great, we support each other and work together through difficult incidents and scenarios. The recent pay rise is appreciated along with other benefits and increased focus on well-being. Things have changed for the better in the last 12 months because of this.” 

 “The CEO is brilliant and takes a keen interest in all of his employee's welfare. He takes the time to speak with all staff and is well respected in the organisation. The organisation is doing a lot of exciting and cutting edge work and it feels like an exciting time to be part of the work we are doing. I am part of an excellent team who are enthusiastic and support each other.” 

“The senior leadership team listens! And they make changes where this is needed. I feel incredibly valued and proud to work for Medaille.” 

Responding to the survey results Medaille CEO Garry Smith said “I am obviously happy that 8 out of 10 of our staff feel engaged and satisfied and that we are rated as an outstanding organisation. However, I want 10 out of 10 staff to feel engaged and satisfied so we will keep working to achieve this. The jobs of so many of our staff can be particularly challenging because of the very nature of the work we do, protecting and supporting victims who have experienced severe trauma in their lives. We recognise these challenges and have worked extremely hard over the years to make working conditions as good as possible for our employees and this is what is reflected in their feedback. The survey also contained useful suggestions for further improvements for staff and we will consider these seriously as we explore more ways to keep our staff engaged and happy working for Medaille Trust.”  

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