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Medaille urges MPs to put the needs of modern slavery victims first

The Medaille Trust exists to provide refuge and freedom from modern slavery.

With other charities in the field we have consistently expressed concerns that the Illegal Migration Bill will be a disastrous misstep that will have the consequence of withdrawing support from victims of modern slavery, leaving them vulnerable to detention or deportation. Refusing to grant victims access to modern slavery support will lead to many remaining in situations of slavery and exploitation. We anticipate that it will make it harder to secure prosecutions of those people who profit from the exploitation of human beings.

We welcome the extensive debate on these provisions in the House of Lords and the amendments which have been passed there to recognise the importance of our international treaty obligations and to restore protections to victims of slavery. We call on the government and MPs of all parties to take the opportunity to improve the Bill by accepting these amendments.

We have always worked closely with government and with all people of good will to deliver the best possible outcomes for victims of slavery. The Modern Slavery Act 2015 was a great achievement of legislation which has established a system which, while far from perfect, has supported many people to escape slavery and seek the help they need. We urge politicians of all parties to put the needs of these victims at the forefront of their thinking as they consider how to vote this week.

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