Gary and the award winner Gary and the award winner

Modern Slavery Survivor to study for a PHD in Criminology

Medaille Trust is pleased to announce that the second Sr. Ann Teresa Bursary has been awarded to a Modern Slavery survivor who is starting a PhD in Criminology this year. 

The bursary which was launched earlier this year following the death of Medaille Trust Founder  Sr. Ann Teresa provides up to £1,200 to modern slavery survivors to help pay fees and expenses for education and training. 

The bursary recipient, Vivian (not her real name), is originally from Nigeria.  After receiving the bursary from Medaille CEO Garry Smith, she said “I'm ready to relaunch myself. I came to the UK because of personal persecution. The reason I want to do this course is to communicate my experience to a wider audience. My experience has been very traumatic and harrowing but it has provided me with the opportunity to meet people like you. When you arrive in the UK, it's not very welcoming and can be very hostile, but if you actually get a link to people who can help you then anything's possible and you can make it. 

I want to encourage other people to not give up or not to be hostile and find ways to improve yourself. I was unable to work for 8 years but I did not die. So much information is incorrect and has been passed down.  By reading and learning it allows me to challenge people and tell them it's not true. 

Thank you Jesus for giving me this opportunity.”

We wish Vivian all the best in her studies and her future career. We are privileged to be given the opportunity to support her in whatever little way we can.