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Mike’s story

Abused and made to work for no pay

Mike came from Asia to the UK to study at a university. He became trapped here when his studies ended, his visa ran out and his family withheld all support after discovering he was gay. 

A man approached Mike, offering him a job with good pay, good hours, accommodation, and food. But it was a lie. Mike was forced to work in a shop seven days a week for no pay. He lived in squalid conditions and was regularly beaten and threatened. 

After three years, Mike found the courage to flee. He sought help and called the police. But, because his visa had expired, he was sent to a detention centre. Thankfully, Mike was able to call the Salvation Army who, after the Home Office agreed he was a victim of modern slavery, arranged for Mike to come to a Medaille Trust safe house.  “Since I arrived at the safe house, I have been supported to find a solicitor…and am now trying to build up my life in the UK.”

Medaille Trust helped Mike engage in the local community. He has joined many groups and volunteers locally: He said, “Being part of these communities has encouraged me to be proud of who I am, and to look forward to the future.” 

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