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CCLA releases Modern Slavery Benchmark, highlighting leading companies

CCLA (Churches, Charities and Local Authorities) Investment Management has published its Modern Slavery UK Benchmark for 2023. The CCLA is one of the UK's most important advisors for eithical and responsible investors, and their benchmark report highlights which companies are leading in their approach to human rights - and which are lagging behind.

Tesco, Marks and Spencer, Next, and Unilever are amongst the companies mentioned positively in the report - but others need to do more to ensure their supply chains are free from modern slavery and forced labour abuses. 

The Benchmark outlined a list of recommendations for Companies, including: 

  • Ensure there is strong governance on modern slavery including responsibility at board level, appropriate committees or structures and the inclusion of workers’ and relevant stakeholders’ perspectives.
  • Conduct and disclose detailed operational and supply chain risk assessments which include assessment of forced labour risks across supply chain locations beyond supply chain tier one and, importantly, direct operations.
  • Disclose and provide details of suspected cases of modern slavery and what steps have been taken to provide remedy for victims and the outcomes of this process.

Peter Hugh Smith, the CCLA's Chief Executive, had this to say on the importance of corporate responsibility:

Large, listed companies are in an influential position to set standards, implement policies and find, fix and prevent modern slavery and we will use this benchmark to engage and to push for improvements. 

Read the full report online here.